Having a Ball

dryer balls

Between the environmental impact and having an allergic cat, I have always been hesitant of dryer sheets, even when they are all-natural and biodegradable.

As we have mentioned before, the most eco-friendly way to dry your clothes is to hang them outside in the sun. However, when there is snow on the ground or you are without a yard, line-drying is a bit difficult. For me, the next best thing are Dryer Balls. They are available in most stores and not only eliminate any of the ingredients that come with dryer sheets, but they also shorten drying time (which saves on energy) and “fluff up” the clothes you are drying (which means less ironing!).

It’s true that some are made from PVC, which is not an environmentally-friendly material, however you can also find some that are PVC-free (such as these from Nellie’s All-Natural) or you can make your own wool alternative. Some even say that tennis balls do the trick just as well.

Whatever material you choose, I definitely recommend giving dryer balls a try. You may be surprised to find that they will save you time, energy, money (on buying dryer sheets) and allergic reactions.

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