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Do It Yourselfers

It really is the thought that counts when it comes to these homemade gifts. Avoid the mall, and give a gift that that is one-of-a-kind.


Spiced Nuts – These are a tasty treat, that is a healthier alternative to the traditional holiday sweets.

Soup – If you aren’t traveling far, the gift of some soup (in glass jars, so it can be refrigerated or frozen) can be a truly appreciated gift. As a recipient, I can vouch for how grateful I have been for a gift like this, when the snow is falling and I am in the mood to eat something wholesome and warm. Need some ideas? Check out our recipes for chili, mushroom soup, corn chowder or apple butternut squash soup.

Local Goods – If you are traveling, put together a basket (or reusable bag) of locally-made edible gifts. Take the opportunity to tell the recipient about the reasons to eat local and on a lighter note, talk about the difference between how your region’s local foods differs from theirs.


Pinecone Frame – A picture is worth a thousand words… especially when it comes in a handmade frame.

Paint Chip Card Holders – Use those free paint chip samples you picked up last time you redid a room, and make this business card holder for the hip individual in your life.

Terrarium – Give someone the gift of a green thumb (even if they don’t have one) with an easy-to-care-for terrarium. Look for apothecary jars (or similar container) at local flea markets, antique stores and/or garage sales.

Spoon Ring – Next time you are at the above mentioned local flea market, antique store and/or garage sale, look for a sterling silver spoon that you can turn into a one-of-a-kind ring.


Bitty Booties – Create some original felt booties for the special little one(s) in your life.

Reusable Bag – No need to give an eco-friendly bag to someone if you can make one of your own! Especially sentimental (or potentially hilarious) if you can use a tank top that the recipient is familiar with.

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