Homemade Gifts

Do It Yourselfers

Hand-made gifts really do have a personal touch. Master one skill (like knitting) and you’ve got hundreds of ideas to choose from. Or, try a new skill with one of our suggestions below.


Almond Roca – Satisfy their sweet tooth with this decadent treat.

Double Dark-Chocolate and Ginger Biscotti – Another sweet treat. Pair this with some fair-trade coffee for a flavorful gift.

All-Purpose Spice Rub – Leave it to Martha to give us this all-purpose spice rub. Give it in an (reused) glass jar with a handmade label, and the recipient will think of you each time they use it.


Recycled Paper Ornaments – You don’t have to be in grade school to give a homemade ornament as a gift. I love that these are colorful and one-of-a-kind.

Paper Beads – Beads made from recycled paper are certainly in style, so why not make your own?

Repurposed Notebooks – Another way to re-use paper. If I could make one that looks even remotely as good as the ones in the photo, I would consider this project a huge success.

Homemade Beach Soaps – When it comes to the art of reusing, Danny Seo is pure genius.


Organic Cotton Man Scarf – This simple and eco-friendly scarf is great for guys and gals.

Messenger Bag – Rather than the typical tote, this messenger bag (made from plastic bags) looks too nice to use for groceries.

Textured String Bracelets – Don’t forget you can make something with all that leftover string!

Need more ideas? Check out our list from last year.

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