It Started Off So Well…


Let me just preface this one with by stating that we still have company in town and it’s my husband birthday.

Going Local: Liz’s Day 7

It all started off so well with this delicious crustless quiche.

Lunch was butternut squash soup leftovers some super flavorful cherry tomatoes (pictured above) from the farmers market and an apple from Indiana Ladder Farms.

But for dinner, I caved! After watching some college football with friends and indulging in a few appetizers (non-local) my husband requested our favorite local (with not-so-local ingredients) pizza place for his birthday dinner. How can I say no? So on the 7th day, and 21st meal of the challenge, I cheated. I’m human. But I have learned my lesson this week and I can honestly say I am hooked on local foods and I will be eating predominately local foods well into next week and beyond!

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