It’s time for Going Local!

going local again

Is it September already? The summer has once again sped by with an abundance of warm weather and farm fresh foods. While we have enjoyed our brief seasonal hiatus, we are ready pour over all those emails, articles and RSS feeds that are getting dusty in our inbox. We also figure there is no better way to kick off September than taking advantage of the local foods in our area and have decided we will be Going Local again! Following in our footsteps from last year, we will be undertaking the challenge to only eat foods that have been grown and harvested in a 100 mile radius of our homes.

So, starting September 7th, the gals at will be Going Local again! Stay tuned for daily updates, recipes and new local food finds.

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One thought on “It’s time for Going Local!

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I too am doing the 100-mile diet again this year and blogging about it. My upstate New York refrigerator is loaded with produce!

    I’ll be following your journey– and looking for fresh ideas.

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