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I always carry my morning cup of coffee in a refillable mug, but lately, I have also been craving a small cup of joe after my evening workout. (I imagine this might have something to do with the complimentary coffee offered at my gym, and the cold temps outside.)

My reusable mug doesn’t quite fit in the coffee dispensing contraption at the gym, but I can’t bring myself to continue to use the little styrofoam cups they provide. According to the EPA, 25 billion polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) cups are thrown away every year in this country! (Need more reasons to carry your own mug? Check out this article on the Daily Green.)

After searching online, I found this great little reusable mug from Timolino. This thing is so tiny! It holds 7 oz. which is a perfect amount for my post-workout coffee. And by adding and cream or sweetener before I add my coffee, I eliminate the need for a stirrer.

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