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joey totes

I know what you’re thinking… not another post about bringing your own bag! Alas, it’s true. I think a big reason that we keep coming back to this simple act is because it’s so easy to do! Perhaps the hardest part is remembering to take your bag with you. I’ll admit, I always have multiple bags on hand at the grocery store, but there are occasions when I make quick trip into Target, only to realize at checkout that I forgot my canvas bag in the car, resulting in trying to carry it all in my arms, awkwardly out to my car. However, all that has changed since being introduced to Joey Totes.

These little machine-washable totes fit EASILY into my favorite purse and are always on hand for any unexpected trips into a store. The pouch the bag comes in is actually attached TO THE TOTE, so that re-stuffing is a breeze. Then I just toss it back in my purse. No trips out to my car, no hanging it on the door knob. Thank you Joey Totes!

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