Last Minute Gifts

For The Procrastinators

Christmas is a week away, and for whatever reason, you still haven’t done your shopping. Here are some last minute gift ideas that won’t require paying outrageous overnight shipping fees, or braving the over-crowded, picked-over shopping malls.

Organic Bouquet – Prices Vary – Available online and in some natural food stores (like Whole Foods), organic flowers or a gift basket are a great last minute gift for a holiday hostess.

Organic Wine – Prices Vary – Paired with organic flowers, or some other organic edibles (such as cheese), organic wine is a great gift for someone who doesn’t need more “stuff” but would enjoy sharing a glass of wine and some conversation.

Green Dimes – $15.00 and up – Give and take away? Reduce someone’s junk mail by up 90% this year. Gift packages start at $15.00

E/The Environmental Magazine Subscription – $20.00 – For your green-minded family or friend, a gift subscription to E, The Environmental Magazine lasts all year long.

Homemade Gifts – Prices Vary – If you have the time and materials, no one has to know you waited until the last minute to make one of these homemade gifts.

Charitable Gifts – Charitable gifts usually are given with a simple printed certificate (or can be personalized if you make a handmade card) which allows for extra procrastination.

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