Leaving It to the Experts

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Sometimes, it’s best to just leave the cooking to the experts. So this week as I was customizing my Farm Fresh Delivery, I ordered some Pasta Sauce from LocalFolks Foods. (I already get their mushroom patties – which I have mentioned before here and here – with every order.)

Right there on the jar it says “Authentic Indiana: Locally Sourced Ingredients” and since I recognized the ingredients from the farmers market (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, etc.) I knew that it fit within our challenge and would save me the time and trouble of making my own. And what a good decision it was. The sauce was flavorful, hearty and incredibly delicious.

Going Local Again: Rhaya’s Day 5

Breakfast consisted of eggs, local cheese and salsa from The Salsa Queen. I also made a run to Traders Point Creamery to get more yogurt, cheese and eggs. (My two trips there have totalled $43, with the cheese being the most expensive items.)

For lunch I sauteed the baby eggplant I bought yesterday at the farmers market and I have to agree that they do taste better (and are easier to eat) than the larger ones. That plus a blueberry yogurt smoothie that I could drink while I worked rounded out my afternoon.

Dinner was local egg pasta, topped with the LocalFolks Foods sauce, sauteed mushrooms and cheese. Possibly the best dinner yet this week!

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