Lettuce Success


Yesterday, I finally found locally grown lettuce at the Farmers Market in downtown Indy. For someone who eats a salad for lunch almost every day, this made me incredibly happy. And by going local, I didn’t have to worry about the latest Dole recall!

Going Local: Rhaya’s Day 5

Breakfast consisted of the usual raspberry smoothie. I also had a hard-boiled egg and some fresh veggies as I was making my salad for lunch.

For lunch, my salad was a great change of pace. Fresh lettuce topped with green peppers, hard-boiled egg, grape tomatoes, and some shredded raw milk cheese. I added a little homemade dressing for flavor. Did you know in Australia, they often don’t add any dressing to their salads? They add a variety of toppings including avocados, feta and egg so that other than an optional squeeze of lemon and dash of pepper, really no dressing is required.

Afternoon snack was some (previously oven-roasted) acorn squash.

Dinner will be roasted vegetables (that I made two nights ago). It’s similar to the Seasonal Potato Salad, but I didn’t have enough potatoes, so I added yellow beans and broccoli. I will finish off the meal with some sweet cantaloupe.

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