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Apple Trees

The following are some highlights of the costs of some of the foods and vendors I encountered this week. I would say it was comparable to what I normally spend most weeks as I already shop predominately at the co-op and farmer’s market and buy organic and even local products frequently. However, I would say that I purchased more meat and dairy products this week which were some of the more expensive items on the list. Also, while my husband did not participate in our going local challenge, about 50% of his diet this week came did com from the local foods I was eating so I was kind of shopping for two.

$63Troy Waterfront Market purchasing lots of fruits and veggies, meat, and cheese. Some of the produce bargains I found include a $2 squash from Charlie and 5 big seriously flavorful heirloom tomatoes for $3.50 from Witenagemot Farm. Some of the bigger ticket items included the cheddar cheese for $8.70 ($15 per pound), the Colebrook Wine for $11, and the jar of Saratoga Garlic for $6. The highlight was the huge bunch of edamame for $2.

$45- The Honest Weight Food Co-Op came in handy to pick up a few things unavailable at the market and to restock on some favorites mid-week. The co-op does an awesome job of labeling each item either conventionally or organically grown and whether it is local. Also the staff (made up of mostly volunteers who own shares in the store) was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the the 100 mile challenge. The highlight here was 3/4 of a pound of black beans for $1.15!

$ 8 – At Indian Ladder Farms it was very easy to figure out what was local as everything had a little card near it with the farm and it’s location listed. Here I found the whole wheat bread flour which was $5 and bought about $3 worth of freshly picked apples.

$13 – At Breese Hollow Farms I bought eggs for $3, 1 lb of ground beef for $5, and a gallon of raw milk for $5.

While some call it an eat local challenge, I would have to say it has been more of an adventure. Sure, it took a little more planning, and a little more time in the kitchen a few nights, but it has been well worth it as I have experienced new foods, new recipes and new places (like the apple orchards at Indian Ladder Farms pictured above). More importantly though, I have also learned a lot this week. Beyond just a few new skills in the kitchen (like how to cook a squash), I have learned to speak up and ask the important questions about where my food is coming from. And, I have learned to really consider what is in season and to take advantage of the great flavor and nutritional quality that the local foods have to offer.

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  1. charlie says:

    Thanks for putting my face on the web.Your website
    has more info and character than any I ever viewed.
    I hope the local thing catches on.


    charlie r&r farm

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