Okey Dokey Artichokey


Finding healthy vegetarian snacks often requires me to be a bit more adventurous in the produce section at the grocery store. Sometimes it leads to sweet surprises and other times it introduces me to a brand new food. Artichokes are a fairly common vegetable, found in dips and on top of pizza, but the first time I was introduced to this spiky veggie was as a kid at my friends house, where her mom boiled it and served it as a fun and healthy snack. So when I saw a whole artichoke as on option in my Farm Fresh Delivery order, I added it to my list and rang my friend for preparation tips.

Artichokes are great sources of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium and can be boiled, steamed, grilled and microwaved. Eating artichokes can be a bit intimidating, but this web page gives step by step instructions (including photos). The other fun part of eating artichokes is discovering your favorite dip for the petals. Suggestions include melted butter, mayo, sour cream, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salsa, salad dressing or olive oil. Or depending on your taste buds, you may enjoy them plain!

So next time you are wandering the produce section or market stand, pick up an artichoke to try as a flavorful and healthy snack. Like edamame or pomegranates, it may be a bit of a challenge to eat, but is totally worth the effort!

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