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Woof and Meow

Here at, we plead guilty to pampering our pets (evidence shown here, here and here). Don’t forget about your furry friends this holiday season, with one or more of the suggestions below.

SAVE (Gifts under $25)

Catnip Pillow Toy – $5.95 – Cats do love their catnip, and yours will especially love this toy, filled pure organic catnip, handmade in Montana.

Sckoon Organic Cotton Bone Pet Toy – $12.90 – While you might not be able to control everything that goes in your pup’s mouth, these toys are organic, inside and out, and use metal free, environmentally friendly dyes.

Bone of the Month Club from Three Dog Bakery – $16.95 – These treats are all natural, oven baked and sure to bring a wag to any dog’s tail.

Hemp Dog Collar by Earthdog – $22.00 – Hemp is an eco-friendly material that softens with wear. Not too mention, they are machine-washable, for those dogs that can’t resist a mud puddle.

SPEND (Gifts from $25 to $100)

Dog or Cat Treat Jar – $27.95 and $34.95 – These jars are better for storing treats than plastic. And by keeping treats in here, you can buy those natural treats in bulk (and thus reducing unnecessary packaging.)

“Nap” Cat Tree – $84.00 – Any cat owner knows how much cats like cardboard. Give your cat a place to curl up on this 100% corrugated cardboard contraption, treated with a zero-VOC, non-toxic paint.

SPLURGE (Gifts over $100)

The Farmhouse Dog Bed – $120.00 & up – “Generously stuffed with organic kapok” these soft beds are hand crafted with a washable cover.

Whiner and Diner pet feeding stations – $150.00 & up – These pet dishes are hand-made from recycled wooden wine crates. Stainless steel bowls and the elevation off the floor helps keep away bacteria, and assists in the digestion of food (especially in larger breeds).

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