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For some of us, our pets are part of the family and are not forgotten in our holiday shopping. If you do your shopping online, check out Paw Luxury for all your eco-pet needs. BONUS: If you enter the code: FIRSTFREE on the last page at checkout you will get free shipping on ANY order, even dog beds!

SAVE (Gifts under $25)

Jump n Sit Bits – $5.35 – These all-natural treats are great for training or just giving as little rewards in general. Healthy ingredients and the small size make these a great alternative to larger treats with more calories. Have a cat? Check the “We Pity the Kitties” treats!

Eco Cat Toy by West Paw – $8.00 – This toy is made from recycled bottles combined with organic catnip. Have a dog? Check out the Eco Bone Dog Toy!

Woof Wild Natural Dog Balm – $10.00 – Protect your dogs paws with this all-natural balm. Also treats cracked paws, sore noses, hot spots, minor cuts and scrapes. Pure ingredients and no added scents make this a great product for pooches with sensitive skin.

RecycleBone – $12.00 – This durable bone is made entirely from rubber materials that would otherwise be discarded.

SPEND (Gifts from $25 to $100)

Canine Heritage XL Breed Test – $99.95* – If you are like me and got your dog from a shelter, you probably wonder (or are asked) “What type of dog is that?” (We get that question a lot with our dog Skyler — seen here taking a bath.) This DNA test will give you the answer! In addition to satisfying your own curiosity, knowing the genetic background of your dog can also give you any insight about their breed’s health and personality. * After Dec. 8, this price goes back up to $119.95

SPLURGE (Gifts over $100)

A Loving Home – Priceless – Perhaps you need a pet to pamper! There are so many cats and dogs in need of a good home. Introducing a pet to your home and family is a big commitment, but if you have the attention, time and finances available to commit to a furry friend, spend some time determining what pet is best for your home. (Two great sites are and the Humane Society web site). If you decide you are ready to give a pet a loving home, visit your local shelter or and give a dog or cat a second chance at a happy life.

Need more ideas? Check out our list from last year.

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