Phthalate Free Fingernails

No Miss Nail Polish

Everytime I polish my fingernails, our dog, Scarlet, curls up and rolls over and over covering her nose with her paws. Hmm, think it has something to do with that horrible smell? Maybe it’s the dibutyl phthalate or the toluene or the formaldehyde?

As I have mentioned already, I’m on a mission to find less toxic and more evironmentally friendly “beauty products,” that still do the job, so, for my dog’s sanity, and my peace of mind, I started searching for a healthier nail polish. Right now, I’m test driving No-Miss Nail Polish in “Singer Sienna.” It looks great, seems to stay on as long as my old favorites like O.P.I, and costs about the same. It still has a little bit of that trademark stink to it, but I do feel better knowing that my nails are not soaking up a bunch of toxic chemicals. Other polishes to try include DBP-free Sparitual and even a few drug store brands which get a lower hazard rating according to Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. Just in time for all those holiday parties!

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