Raising the Steaks


Last year, my husband was travelling during Going Local week and since I am a vegetarian, I didn’t get to support any farmers selling chicken, beef or pork. This year however, my husband happily volunteered to buy some local sirloin steak from Phelps Family Farm. Phelps Family Farm’s mission statement is to “raise livestock on green pasture for healthy human consumption.” They offer all of the familiar cuts of pork and beef, which are free-range and free of hormones and antibiotics.

After grilling it, my husband declared that it was by far one of the best quality steaks he has ever eaten outside a restaurant. As for price, it was less expensive per pound (and better tasting) than the New York Strip he purchased from a highly-regarded grocery butcher a few weeks before.

Going Local Again: Rhaya’s Day 7

I had a little yogurt from Traders Point Creamery before my morning workout and for brunch I met some friends at Three Sisters Cafe. I don’t think that Going Local means that you never eat out again, which is why I suggested this restaurant that is known for serving local foods. I ordered eggs and breakfast potatoes, and opted for sliced tomatoes as my side instead of toast. Was the tofu mixed in with my potatoes local? Of course not, but I didn’t feel guilty supporting a local business who supports local farmers.

Dinner for me was a surprisingly good Tomato Bisque with a side of green beans. Meanwhile, my husband thoroughly enjoyed his local steak. A nice bottle of local wine rounded out the meal and was a perfect ending to our week of Going Local Again.

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