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I learned so much this week. Not only about local foods, but also about my cooking skills (or lack there of). I used the oven more times this past week than I have in the past year, and while I am not going to start baking homemade pie, I am going to make an attempt to use my oven more often — especially as the temperatures get cooler and we still have all these local squash and other root vegetables available. I am also going to make some big batches of soup, and freeze them, so I can still eat locally when there is snow on the ground.

Here is a run-down of my costs this week, and some of the vendors I used.

$68.00 at Carmel Farmers Market. Purchases included assorted vegetables and fruit, herbs, eggs and yogurt (totaling $34) mead ($20) and goat cheese ($12)

$22.00 at Traders Point Creamery. Purchases included milk, yogurt, raw milk cheese and fresh mozzarella.

$9.50 at the Take Root farm stand in Greenwood. Purchases included a variety of squash and a cantaloupe.

$8.50 at Downtown Farmer’s Market. Purchases included lettuce, sugar snap peas and raspberries.

$10.00 at Nature’s Cupboard. Purchases included more Traders Point Creamery yogurt and cheese.

I don’t know how this compares to how much I usually spend on groceries. It may be more than usual, however, because I think I spent more, and because some of the items were hard to come by, I was significantly less wasteful. And also because I always had a fridge and counter full of fresh produce, fruits and dairy, I definitely ate much healthier.

Today, I already had an all-local lunch, and I am going to continue eat locally whenever possible. However, I am looking forward to incorporating grains and nuts back into my diet. And my cup of coffee this morning never tasted so good.

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3 thoughts on “Rhaya’s Wrap Up

  1. Emily says:

    Does the market in Greenwood by Take Root have local items? The one time I did stop in they had items from Michigan and others. Are the items marked somehow as to where they were grown? If so, I will definitely drop by again. I can ride my bike to that market! :)

  2. Emily says:

    I also wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed reading the posts this week. I live in Greenwood and occasionally venture to the north side for items at Wild Oats and Traders Point, but I think I will make the trip more often to take part in Traders Point Market on Friday or Carmel on Saturday. We do attend the market here in Greenwood each Saturday. We enjoy it, but wish it had the variety of the markets further north.

  3. Rhaya says:

    You are right. Not all the items at Take Root are local, however, the owners are knowledgeable and will be happy to let you know where the items came from if you ask.

    Also, did you know that Natures Cupboard (on US31) in Greenwood carries Traders Point Creamery items in their store? That is where I went midweek when I ran out of yogurt. Although, if you can make it to the actual farm in Zionsville, it is quite a treat.

    Lastly, the Carmel Farmers Market only goes through September, so Saturday is the last day it is open this year. I will be going down to the Broadripple Farmers Market in October — I have heard good things about that one as well!

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