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Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies? So it makes sense to me to wise up about some the products I am putting on (and thus dumping into it) everyday.  Do you really want to be depositing a bunch of potentially harmful chemicals into your skin? 

I’ve made an effort to switch to less “toxic” products to replace the chemical land-mines in my beauty regimen.  One such switch I started experimenting with was shaving cream.  I’ve tried the two ”natural” products pictured above and I have to report that the “Kiss My Face” brand was the superior in my book.  It foamed up extremely well and was very moisturizing, while the “Alba“ brand stayed creamy and wound up clogging my razor!  However, since my amateur testing experience I have discovered neither product gets a top billing for safety according to the Environmental Working Group’s  huge cosmetic database, Skin Deep.  

So, while I do think the Kiss My Face product is a safer alternative compared to my old stuff, and much better than plain ol’ soap, I may try another swap to one of these.  But, I will definitely continue to gradually make the switch to safer, more natural products for all my personal care products.  Stay tuned for my product reviews as I plow through them…

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2 thoughts on “Shave Off

  1. jen maiser says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know about that awesome EWG database. Great, something else for me to obsess about. :)

    I actually love my Alba shave cream, though it does clog my razor some. I’m in love with their scents.

  2. Liz says:

    Jen, the EWG database is fantastic, I just need to learn to check it BEFORE I go shopping!

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