Smart Car?

Smart Car

Smart cars, which have been popular in Europe for years, are starting to pop up around the U.S. — including here in the Midwest. (The dealership pictured above is only a few miles from my house.) They may look cute and cuddly, but how smart really are the new Smart cars? Here’s a run-down:

MPG: According to the Smart car web site the vehicle is designed to achieve 33 city/41 highway mpg (according to 2008 EPA standards). Even though the revised EPA standards are giving out lower, more realistic, numbers this one still surprised me. Compared to the Toyota Prius which is listed at 48 city/45 highway mpg and the Honda Civic Hybrid which is 40 city/45 highway mpg, I expected Smart car’s ratings to be higher given it’s size and weight.

Size: Anyone who has seen this car knows it looks tiny. It is only 8.8 feet long and the height and width both measure 5.1 feet. However, according to their site, it provides “as much headroom as most luxury vehicles, and can fit two six foot, five inch plus people side by side with plenty of shoulder room to spare.” There is obviously no back seat, though, which limits the ability to travel in groups greater than two.

Cost: Compared to the Prius, Smart cars definitely are more affordable. The fortwo pure will start at $11,590.

In conclusion, there are a lot of options as to how to lessen your environmental impact by the choice of car that you drive and MPGs are only part of the equation. Just remember that your greenest transportation available is always going to be riding a bike or taking your own two feet.

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3 thoughts on “Smart Car?

  1. Timothy B says:

    OMG! I saw the same exact dealership in Indy on my way home to Chicago this weekend. I got out of my car and took a look at the car they have in the driveway. It’s definitely tiny. Top speed is 90 MPH and it does have airbags. I can see it becoming popular in bigger cities that have some sort of public transit. If you look at the list of dealerships on their website, I noticed that places like Chicago and the Bay Area have a few dealerships while places like Nashville (where public transit sucks, to say the least..) have no dealership. If you absolutely must drive a car, car-sharing may be a better option especially when its 16 degrees out, like here in Chicago =) I see some hearty souls on bikes in the freezing weather here though ..

  2. Ken Kummer says:

    Can you give me the name and address of any dealership in the northwest area of Chicago for the “Smart Car”?
    Thank you in Advance

  3. Rhaya says:

    Check this page on the Smart car web site:

    There is a link on it that will show you where all the dealerships are currently located.

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