Something Old, Something New

Green Beans

Since my husband was out of town last week, he was eager to try some of the meals he missed. (I think he just couldn’t believe that I actually made them… and considering I burnt myself and set off the smoke alarm while making tonight’s meal, I don’t blame him.) So for our Weekly Going Local Meal last night, we made good old Seasonal Potato Salad. The great thing about that recipe is that you can throw in whatever veggies you like – broccoli, sweet potato, zucchini, whatever! I picked up some of our ingredients (and took the above photo) at the Abundant Life Farmers Market, which takes place on Thursdays — making it a great mid-week stop.

We also made a new appetizer that I think would be great if you are hosting a party. It was very simple, but looked fancy, and tasted delicious. Basically, I just peeled and sliced a cucumber, and then topped the slices with a small slice of goat cheese, and a sun-dried tomato. If you have any basil with the little leaves, you could add that into it as well.

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