Sticker Shock: Apples From Chile


Now that our week of Going Local is over, I went to the grocery to purchase some non-local items that I missed in my diet, including my beloved cereal, natural peanut-butter, walnuts and veggie-burgers. While I was there, I browsed the produce section, and out of curiosity, picked up some organic apples to see where they were from. I was SHOCKED to see that they were imported from Chile. CHILE!

I realize that there are some items that you can’t buy locally, but since my neighbors have an apple tree growing in their yard, I know that I don’t need to be buying mine from Chile. (The ones shown here are from the Farmers Market.) Because of this I am going to be more conscious of where ALL my non-local foods come from, and try to find grocery stores that import their foods from neighboring states, rather than neighboring continents.

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