Water with Basil, Please.


When my friend Ashley first told me about this drink, I immediately said: “Orange slices and basil? You mean mint, right?” and even after she confirmed that she meant basil, I still wondered if she was getting her local leafy flavors confused.

The ingredient list and recipe was too easy for me not to try it, so last weekend as we continued to have summer temperatures, I mixed together this drink to serve at an afternoon party we were hosting (which my friend Ashley was in attendance). Sure enough, it was a big hit and everyone (but Ashley) was equally shocked that those leaves in it were in fact basil, plucked from the still flourishing basil plant in our garden.

Orange & Basil Water

Mix one orange (cut into wedges or slices) and 5-10 basil leaves (to taste) in a pitcher of ice water and serve. It’s that easy, and gives an interesting “twist” to serving the traditional water with lemon.

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One thought on “Water with Basil, Please.

  1. Allison says:

    Sounds interesting! The summer is pretty much over where I live, but if we get a random heat wave (not unlikely) I will be trying this!

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